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How to use the HubSpot Sales Hub

Watch this HubSpot Sales Hub demo to find out how to use it and see live demos of some of the powerful sales tools that make it easier than ever for your sales reps to close more deals. We'll take a closer look at deal pipelines, sales automation, deal splits, forecasting, analytics, reporting and more – showcasing a complete suite of sales tools that enable your teams to close deals and track performance, all in one place.

This is just one element of HubSpot's CRM platform - be sure to check out our other demos across the different functions...
Marketing Hub: https://video.prodo.com/hub/watch/nFnkQxmJv8iD95QjgP5deW
Service Hub: https://video.prodo.com/watch/SxZTJMqjCsYzhm7yTUpWns?
CMS Hub:

Visit https://www.prodo.com/hubspot/diamond-partner to find out more about how we can help you transform with clever digital solutions...